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Ríocht na Midhe 2021

Ríocht na Midhe 2021
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  • Archaeology in Meath 2019–2020 
  • Excavations at Beaubec, Bey More, Co. Meath (2019–20): a preliminary report.
  • Turlough O’Carolan, 1670–1738, in the era of the Penal Laws
  • Michael Collier 1780 to 1849 as folk hero robbing from the rich…
  • The Second Reformation in nineteenth century Meath: the Irish Society, its schools teachers and scholars, 1821–39
  • Woman of the Fifth Province: Remembering Alice Stopford Green    121
  • Tales by an Old Fenian Matthew Gilsenan (1856–1950) of Billywood, Moynalty (Part Two)
  • The Buenos Aires Westmeath 1862 Relief Fund 
  • In the Claws of the Spider Crab Experiences on Three Continents 
    • Ernst Heider Translated from the German, annotated and introduced by Ruth  Fleischmann
  • Meath-born priest victim of Australian wartime censorship: the story of Fr James Timmons
  • ‘Arrant Bolshevism’? 1919 farm labourers Strike in Meath   
  • Ordinary guerrillas – The 5th Battalion, Meath Brigade, and the Brigade reports 1920–21
  • The Making and Using of Charcoal During the Emergency, 1939–45