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Journal of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society


Author Index, 2008-2016

Compiled by Julitta Clancy


Note: The Author Index is an index to authors of articles and notes in Ríocht na Midhe from 2008 to 2016, listing the title of each article under the name of the author. A cumulative index to articles from 1955 to 2007 (under author and subject matter) is published in Ríocht na Midhe: Index 1955-2007 (also compiled by Julitta Clancy).


In this index, titles of articles etc. are listed in chronological order under the name of the author; references are to volume number (in bold), followed by year and page number.




Ahern, Fiona

From Bellewstown to the battlefields of World War One, XXVII (2016) 269–284

The Nicholas Boylan silver salver: an icon of Repeal, XXIV (2013) 213–216


Barrett, Rachel

Education of workhouse children in Co. Meath, 1840-1850, XXII (2011) 179–199

Bellew, Seamus

Heraldry of the Somerville and other families at Kentstown, Co. Meath, XXII (2011) 64–89

Brady, Conor (with Kevin Barton and Matthew Seaver)

Recent geophysical investigations and LiDAR analysis at the Hill of Slane, Co. Meath, XXIV (2013) 134–155

Brown, Melanie

An enigmatic Jewish presence in seventeenth-century Meath, XXIV (2013) 176–187

Browne, Seán

Robert Wood, Co. Meath, 1716-1771: the first Irish tourist to visit Palmyra, Syria, XXIV (2013) 201–212

Buckley, Ann

Musical monuments from Medieval Meath, XIX (2008) 23–42


Caffrey, James

Poverty in the midst of affluence in the nineteenth-century County Meath civil parishes of Clongill and Kilberry, XXVII (2016) 120–150

Cantwell, Ethna

Glimpses of life in Navan during the Great War, 1914-18, XXVII (2016) 240–268

Carty, Niamh (with Patrick Gleeson)

Kingship, violence and Loch Da Gabhor: royal landscapes and the production of authority in early medieval Brega, XXIV (2013) 29–72

Chemin, Cécile

Sources of medical history in local authority archives, XIX (2008) 157–169

Cogan, John F.

Shot while evading arrest in Stonefield - the tragic fate of Patrick McDonnell, March 1921, XXVII (2016) 341–379

Tragedy in Oldcastle - the death of Commdt Seamus Cogan, 22 July 1920, XXVI (2015) 279–315

Conlan, Patrick, OFM

The Franciscans of Trim: the later years, XXV (2014) 26–47

Irish Franciscan Seraphic Colleges - particularly Multyfarnham and Gormanston, XXVI (2015) 193–219

Courtney, Ultan

How did 1916 influence the rise of republicanism in Meath between 1917 and 1921?, XXVII (2016) 309–340

Crinion, Mairéad

Newcastle House and estate, Enniskeen Parish, in Morgallion Barony, XXIII (2012) 143–160

Crowley, Jacqueline

County Meath landed estates and the Encumbered Estates Court, 1849-1867, XXV (2014) 197–225

Cruise, Henry

Rebellion and reaction: landownership in the parish of Nobber, Co. Meath, 1640-1720, XXVI (2015) 56–87

Cusack, Danny

Breaking the silence: the poets of north Meath and the Great Famine, XIX (2008) 170–188

From Ballybeg to Van Diemen's Land: Christopher O'Reilly (1835-1910), XXV (2014) 226–244

Meathman Thomas Harten: victim of the Dublin Lockout, XXVI (2015) 269–278

Broken silence: Peadar Gallegan and a poem of the Great Famine, XXVII (2016) 151–158

The Great War: Irish Australian perspectives, XXVII (2016) 232–239


DiPietro, Michelle

Towards a cultural and chronological understanding of the Irish bile, XXIV (2013) 1–28

Downey, Clodagh

The life and work of Cúán ua Lothcháin, XIX (2008) 55–78


Eogan, George

A cupmarked stone at Bobsville (Clonabreany), Co. Meath, XIX (2008) 1–14

Dowth Passage Tomb: note on possible structure sequence, XX (2009) 1–4

A linear earthwork complex in the Nobber area, Co. Meath, XXI (2010) 73–82

Some individual stones with prehistoric art from County Meath, XXII (2011) 1–19


Fagan, Patrick

Michael Walsh, the poet of Fore, Co. Westmeath, XIX (2008) 194–203

When Meath politics shook the nation [review article], XX (2009) 243–251

Growing up in Westmeath: musings of an octogenarian, XXI (2010) 251–259

Feeley, Ephrem

Two newly-discovered archaeological sites in south-east Meath, XXII (2011) 60–63

Fennessy, Ignatius, OFM

Guardians at Multyfarnham Friary, XXIV (2013) 169–175

Fenwick, Joe (with Richard Warner and George Eogan)

   Revealing hidden details of the ancient landscape of Newgrange, Brugh na Bóinne

         World Heritage Site, Co. Meath, XX (2009) 5–23

Fenwick, Joe (with Ger Dowling, Roseanne Schot, and John Rogers)

Crewbane souterrain and nearby archaeological features, Brugh na Bóinne, Slane, Co. Meath, XXIII (2012) 1–25


Finnegan, Aengus

What kind of Irish was spoken in Westmeath?, XXIV (2013) 294–310

French, Noel E.

The development of second-level education in County Meath

1560-1966, XIX (2008) 223–236

1966-1986, XX (2009) 277–295

Derivation of townland names in Trim civil parish, XXI (2010) 34–64

The Ó Dálaigh bardic poets of Meath: their poetry and patrons, XXII (2011) 90–101

The diocese of Meath in the fifteenth century, XXIII (2012) 77–94

Sir John Fox Dillon: a landlord in transition, XXIV (2013) 235–255

The Dillons of Lismullen - a Meath landed family, XXV (2014) 48–61

Duleek: monastic influence on urban development, XXVI (2015) 36–55

Meath and the 1916 Rising, XXVII (2016) 285–308


Gallagher, Caroline

Bishop Thomas Lewis O'Beirne of Meath (c. 1747-1823): politician and churchman, XX (2009) 189–208

Geraghty, P.J.

The iron roads of Meath, XXIII (2012) 161–201

Giacometti, Antoine

Exploring domestic and non-domestic space in an Early Medieval landscape at Navan Moat, Co. Meath, XXII (2011) 43–59

Gibson, P.J.

Seeing beneath the ground using geophysics at the former ecclesiastical site of Clonard, Co. Meath, XX (2009) 69–79


Hackett, Liam

An excavation of a fulacht fiadh in Carranstown, Co. Meath, XX (2009) 24–28

Hand, Malachy

History of Millbrook Mills, 1774-1963, XXVI (2015) 121–144

Harbison, Peter

Some comments on the Girley High Cross fragments, XXIV (2013) 156–159

Harmon, Maurice

Peter Fallon's profane rituals, XXI (2010) 300–323

Hazard, Benjamin

'An Ark in the Deluge': Multyfarnham Abbey and the Nugents of Delvin, 1607-41, XXII (2011) 113–123

Heery, Michael (with Betty Newman Maguire)

Previously unpublished Ogams at Castlekieran, Carnaross, XXIII (2012) 26–30

Herward, Cissy

Allenstown and the Craig Waller family, XXIII (2012) 300–311

Hogan, Arlene

The lands of Llanthony Prima and Secunda in Ireland 1172-1541: the settlement of Meath, XX (2009) 117–142

Hunt, Tom

Walter Newburn: the life and times of an international athlete, XXI (2010) 142–165

Hurley, Livia

Some late eighteenth-century developments under the Conyngham family at Slane, XXI (2010) 83–92


Imhoff, Helen

The tradition of Art mac Cuind's burial at Treóit (Trevet, Co. Meath), XXIV (2013) 73–114


Killard, Jacqueline

The Mullingar Union Workhouse, 1852-1899

part one, XXV (2014) 123–149

part two, XXVI (2015) 172–192


Lane, Pádraig G.

A distressed class: Meath-Westmeath farm labourers, 1869-1889, XXVI (2015) 220–232

Laragy, Georgina

A 'hollow and unsubstantial' prosperity: poverty in nineteenth-century Meath, XXIV (2013) 217–234

Lawlor, David

Parnell: from landlord of Avondale to MP for Meath, XXII (2011) 200–211

Lawlor, Úna

The elements TOWN (and BAILE) in the place-names of Lower Duleek/Damh Liag Íochtarach from the 13th to the 17th century, XXVII (2016) 37–85

Lennon, Colm

The parish fraternities of County Meath in the late middle ages, XIX (2008) 85–101

Lyons, Mary Ann

Reflections on the Decade of Commemoration, XXVII (2016) 195–208


McCabe, Brian

The long and winding road (and some vernacular buildings), XXVI (2015) 145–149

The lost milestone, Drumlargan, Summerhill, XXIV (2013) 311–312

A new database of medieval documents, illustrated by some fourteenth-century references to Kells, XXII (2011) 274–279

McCormack, Christopher

Gilson Endowed School, Oldcastle, XXIII (2012) 239–258

Trim Diocesan School, XXV (2014) 94–122

Wilson's Hospital School, Multyfarnham, XXVI (2015) 88–120

Drogheda Grammar School, XXVII (2016) 86–119

McCullen, John

The hunting journal of Helen Louisa McDonnell of Kilsharvan, Co. Meath, 1932-1939, XIX (2008) 204–213

McElligott, Richard

Richard Blake and the resurrection of the GAA, 1890-98, XXIV (2013) 256–269

Mac Gabhann, Séamus

The Parnell split in Meath: interview, XIX (2008) 189–193

McGrath, Brid

Athboy's election returns, 1640 and 1642, XXI (2010) 65–72

Monk, Michael

The livestock economy of early medieval Knowth, Co. Meath, in context [review article], XIX (2008) 15–22

Moore, Eoghan

Domnach Mór Meic Laithbe, XXV (2014) 1–10

Mount, Charles

Notes on the history of the manor of Nobber, XIX (2008) 79–84

Mulligan, Kevin

Headfort and the significance of the demesne landscape in Meath, XXII (2011) 124–130

Mullins, Clare

Archaeological excavations at Haggard Street, Trim, Co. Meath, XX (2009) 98–116


Ní Chrábhagáin, Ciara

Disease and illness in medieval Ireland: an anthropological examination of some hagiographical material, XXIV (2013) 115–133

Ní Munghaile, Lesa

Scribal networks and manuscript circulation in Meath during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, XXII (2011) 131–149

Ní Uallacháin, Pádraigín

A Drogheda list of melodies: implications for the song tradition of Meath and Oriel, XXV (2014) 165–196


O'Brien, Sarah

Westmeath-Argentine narratives of tradition and identity, XXIV (2013) 270–293

O'Carroll, Finola (and others)

'The Blackfriary Button,' XXVII (2016) 30–36

O'Connell, Aidan (with Rob O'Hara and Linda Lynch)

Excavation of a burial ground at Moyfin, Longwood, Co. Meath, XXVI (2015) 1–35

O'Flynn, Eoin

The career of Máelsechnaill II, XX (2009) 29–68

Ó Háinle, Cathal

My father and Ballinahown folklore

part one, XXI (2010) 260–299

part two, XXII (2011) 212–265

Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan

Westmeath veterans in the Hôtel Royal des Invalides, Paris, XIX (2008) 117–145

The trials of Brian Seery, XXI (2010) 110–141

The massacre at Castlepollard, 1831: socio-political aspects, XXII (2011) 150–178

Commemorating Thomas Davis, XXV (2014) 150–164

Ó hÓgartaigh, Ciarán and Margaret

Business records in counties Meath and Westmeath, XXII (2011) 266–273

Ó hÓgartaigh, Margaret

'Internal tamponage, hockey parturition and mixed athletics in the 1930s, '40s and '50s,' XIX (2008) 214–222

Antonia Mac Donnell, Meath's first female barrister, and the legal profession in Ireland in the early twentieth century, XX (2009) 273–276

Máire Conway (Bruck): astro-physicist of Edinburgh University, XXIII (2012) 298–299

Women, welfare and public health, XXV (2014) 312–329

O'Keeffe, Tadhg

Trim Castle uncovered: some thoughts, XXIV (2013) 160–168

Ó Macháin, Pádraig

Two Nugent manuscripts: the Nugent Duanaire and Queen Elizabeth's Primer, XXIII (2012) 121–142

Ó Maitiú, Ciarán

Turlough Ó Carolan: an appraisal of his Gaelic verse

part one, XIX (2008) 102–116

part two, XX (2009) 143–155

Ó Muirí, Daithí

Peter Murray and the founding of the first branch of the Gaelic League in County Meath, XXVI (2015) 233–268

O'Neill, Clare

Remembering Irish civilian mobilisation during the First World War, XXVII (2016) 209–231

O'Reilly, Ultan

The Girley High Cross, XXIII (2012) 46–50

Ó Siadhail, Pádraig

The man from Largy: James Mooney, native American scholar and the Meath connection, XXIII (2012) 259–280


Pegley, Suzanne

Ráth Cairn, Co. Meath, the first Gaeltacht colony, XXIII (2012) 281–297

Peter, Manfred

The life of St. Wendelin (St. Findalan) of Delvin and the Saarland, XIX (2008) 43–54

St. Wendelin of Delvin in the German Saarland: a portrait of the Sankt Wendel region, XXII (2011) 26–42

Potterton, Homan

'In Lunacy of Potterton': a County Meath Link to Joyce's Ulysses, XXV (2014) 245–251

Power, Gerald

Politics and personality in the English Pale, XXIII (2012) 95–120


Rheinisch, Siobhán

Anglo-Norman remains at Rathmore, Athboy, XXV (2014) 11–25

Rotheram, Mary Countess

Strange Times: life in Meath during the Troubles of 1922-1923, XXV (2014) 277–311

Russell, Arthur

Owen Smith - a vital link with the ancient learning and history of North Meath, XXVII (2016) 159–194


Scally, Barbara

Origins of the County Meath Infirmary

part one, XIX (2008) 146–156

part two, XX (2009) 156–170

Seaver, Matthew

Summary of excavations at Bridge Park, Nobber, Co. Meath, XX (2009) 80–97

Shine, Denis

A note on prehistoric activity recorded in Ráth Cairn, XXII (2011) 20–25

Shine, Denis (and others)

New archaeological sites for County Meath - found during works on the Meath Bundled Wastewater Scheme, XXVII (2016) 1–29

Shine, Denis (with Ciara Travers)

An interesting burial in Rathmolyon, Co. Meath (osteological note), XXII (2011) 102–112

Unmarked medieval and post-medieval burial grounds: a time to reconsider? Results of excavations from a burial ground in Athboy, Co. Meath, XXIII (2012) 31–45

Smith, John

The Oldcastle Workhouse and the Poor Law, 1838-1920, XX (2009) 209–242

The Oldcastle Prisoner of War Camp, 1914-1918, XXI (2010) 212–250

The Oldcastle Railway, 1863-1963, XXIII (2012) 202–238

Stokes, Richard

Flax and linen production in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Westmeath

part one, XXIV (2013) 188–200

part two, XXV (2014) 62–93


Tier, Noel

The 5th Battalion, Irish Volunteers, in Ashbourne, Co. Meath and surrounding areas, Monday 24 to Sunday 30 April 1916, XXI (2010) 180–188

Tiernan, Sonja

"A Zealous Catholic and Notorious Trouble-Maker": the Gormanston Papers in the National Library of Ireland, XX (2009) 171–188

Hidden in plain sight: uncovering the history of Meath women, XXI (2010) 93–109

Tobin, Michael

'There was quare things out long ago,' XXIV (2013) 313–324


Usher, Joseph

Proposal for the protection of the souterrain at Crossdrum Lower, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, XXIII (2012) 51–76


Wadden, Patrick

The first English invasion: Irish responses to the Northumbrian attack on Brega, 684, XXI (2010) 1–33

Walsh, Edward

Nicholas Downes: letters from the Argentine, XXV (2014) 252–276

Letters between Westmeath and the Falkland Islands, XXVI (2015) 150–171

Whearity, Peter F.

Belgian refugees in Ireland during World War One

part one, XX (2009) 252–272

part two, XXI (2010) 189–211

Windsor, Grace

Carson, witches and adders: King Carson and the Witch by John C. O'Neill (1914), XXI (2010) 166–179